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Premium Swiss Exercise Ball


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Featured on Tim Ferris 4 Hour Body, this tool is a staple for anyone seeking efficiency in their workouts.


RM178 for 2 item(s)

General guidelines for choosing an Exercise Ball

  • 55cm Exercise Ball: Suitable for height 145cm – 165cm
  • 65cm Exercise Ball: Suitable for height 165cm – 185cm


Why do we label this as premium? Here’re 5 reasons.

1. Weight: The base weight (without air) of normal swiss exercise balls are much lighter. A 55cm is around 600g while 65cm is around 700g. In comparison, our premium yoga balls are 800g and 1000g respectively. This means higher density materials are used, translating to less collapsing when sitting on it, more stability and a ball that actually maintains its shape when being used!

2. Thickness: If you cut the yoga ball, normal swiss exercise balls are typically around 1.2mm thick, but our balls have walls are 2mm thick. Again, this series of swiss balls will feel much more stable when being used.

3. Safety: Stick a knife into this ball, and it will slowly deflate. Balls which are made with inferior materials will explode in your face. This ball is effectively burst proof, and ensures your safety.

4. Materials used: Inferior balls use second hand, recycled PVC, which may not be consistent in quality. Our balls use first hand PVC pellets, mixed with materials to prevent bursting.

5. Workmanship: It is created by heating the PVC up to 300 degree celcius and spun in a circular cell and filled to the brim and left there for 6 hours before being repacked for sale. This ensures the balls are able to keep the air and does not come with any invisible holes.

Comes with a matte grippy surface. It is able to withstand up till 300kg of weight.

For more information about exercise ball crunches, see here:


Weight 1 kg
Item Weight 2kg
Product Dimensions N/A
Item Width N/A
Item Height 160cm – 165cm
160cm – 165cm
165cm – 175cm

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