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MF BodyWeight Trainer


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  • Train with your body weight! Easy to set up whether at home, office or outdoors.


MF Body Weight Trainer – Trusted to be used by a gym. You can too.   

Suspension trainers come a long way. Gymnasts use wooden rings to train and have one of the most mobile bodies among professional athletes. The BodyWeight Trainer allows you to have the same tool but designed efficiently for maximum portability. Remove the need for bulky equipment and train yourself to use your own body weight to create as much resistance you require! The movements are only limited by your imagination and can be easily found on Youtube or Google.

Features of the MF BodyWeight Trainer:

  • Dual Anchor system removes the incidences of chafing of skin from a single anchor system. Also, allows for dips which will not be possible with other models that use a single anchor.
  • Durable and sturdy cam handles prevents slipping and allows for quick change in length
  • Easy set up using carabiners
  • Extended handles allow for dual use of hands and feet
  • Our trainer is on par with the TRX suspension trainer

More than 120 likes on Facebook. It’s a trusted product at a steal! 

How it looks like out of the bag. Comes with 2 door mounts, the MF BodyWeight Trainer and mesh bag

Door Mounts

Durable Cam handles has multiple levels of friction

Extended handles allow for dual use of hands and feet


How to use door mount: Place stopper on another side of the door.

How to use door mount: Close the door.

How to use door mount: Attach the carabiner to one end of the door mount, and the other to the loop to create the desired length.

How it looks when completely set up

Handles for hands and feet

MF BodyWeight Trainer can be set up anywhere – pull up bars, tree branches, pillars.

Some exercises that can be done: Incline Pull ups.

Some exercises that can be done: Dips 1.

Some exercises that can be done: Dips 2.

Some exercises that can be done: Plank.

Some exercises that can be done: Abdominal Crunch.

Some exercises that can be done: L-Shaped Pull up.

How to go into Plank position.

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Item Weight 2kg
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