Lever Suede Leather Powerlifting Belt 4 inch (with Free Mesh Bag)



Weightlifting belts are great! Under a heavy load, they protect your back and reduce your odds of getting a back injury. Belts also help in lifting performance! How? The lifting belt provides a rigid wall for your abs to push against. This increases anterior pressure, helping to stabilise the back. The more rigid torso creates better transmission of force from the hips to the bar.

In our own limited opinion, we feel that a weight belt should only be used near your max attempts on compound lifts. You should easily be able to support a load that is below 80% of your one rep max.

How do we wear the belt? The belt should be worn around the waist, positioning the belly button at the middle. The belt shouldn’t be too loose, but a belt that is too tight won’t allow you to contract your abdominal wall.

1. Take a breath.
2. Place belt in position and brace your core.
3. Draw the belt just tight enough to contract your braced abdominal position.

MF Powerlifting Belts are made of suede leather and 10mm thick.

The powder coated buckle combined with high-quality garment suede 100% genuine sole leather ensures the best possible belt. The 4-inch width is suitable for those in sports of strongman and powerlifting.

With a lever belt, it is among the easiest to use of all our belts. When adjusting the buckle of the lever strap, if the screw does not align well at first, do not force it in, as this will make the threading loose over time. Take the time to re-try the alignment of the screw, it should tighten smoothly.

It is only available in “Leather Brown”.

How to Measure:

Take a measuring tape and measure the length of your waist at the belly button. This is your relaxed position. In a “braced” position for a deadlift or a squat, we typically find people drop their stomach size by 2 – 3inches. For example, a person with a relaxed stomach is 33 inches but his usual belt position is 31 inches.

The sizing chart below is for the user when in the “braced” position. So we would advice reducing your measurement in the relaxed position by 2 inches to get the correct size.

Sizing Chart:

S: 24 – 31in

M: 28 – 35in

L: 31 – 38in

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