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Doorway Pull up bar (No Screws)

  • No screws, no drilling needed.
  • Very simple to set up and use.
  • Comes with premium extended foam handles to improve grip.



To set it up, follow these instructions.

1. DO NOT remove the screw in the centre.

2. Hold one end and turn till it extends sufficiently.

3. Hold the other end and turn (in the opposite direction) till it extends sufficiently.

Pro Tip: If you twist with all your might and it does not budge, try turning in the other direction!

4. When you put it on your doorframe, it should provide enough tension to hold itself on the door, but not enough to support your body weight.

5. Holding the “main part” of the pull up bar, turn either towards or away from you, and you will feel it tightening onto the doorframe.

Voila! It is now set up, as you become more familiar with this system, setting it up will be extremely easy! Before doing pull ups, do check with your body weight hanging on the bar if you had tightened it sufficiently.

When doing the pull ups, do take note that since turning it in one direction will tighten it, doing a pull up with your hand rotating in another direction wil also loosen it. Hence, hang in the direction which will help to keep the bar in a tightened state. If you do not understand what we mean, do give us a call so we can explain it in person.

Note: The pull up bar comes with silicone pads on the side which is used to provide pressure on the door frame to hold the pull up bar. It also comes with optional metal caps and screws to attach metal caps to the doorframe for people who would like more security, or with a softer doorframe or slanted doorframe. If your doorframe is sturdy and not slanted, you do not need to use the provided metal caps and screws.

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Item Weight 2kg
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