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The Premium Power Rack is designed for the home or boutique gym in mind. Whether you are buying for a gym or your home, a Power Rack is a long term purchase which takes up a significant amount of space. Hence, we believe that build quality in terms of stability, material and overall finish will be very important to you.


With these factors in mind, we designed our  Power Rack to meet these expectations. Manufactured to be comparable with premium brands, the vertical columns measures 60mm x 60mm x 2mm thick high-grade steel tubings. With thicker tubings, it means that the entire structure weighs 90kg, which is perfect for home or studio gym use.


Instead of a normal chin up bar, we have designed a bar comes with a wide variety of grips that allow you to hit all angles of your muscles using one single exercise – the pull up. The knurled handles also provide comfortable grip without being too aggressive. The bar handle diameter is 32mm thick.

Our Premium Power Rack includes multiple band pegs at the top and bottom of the rack for assisted resistance band exercises. Using Power Bands attached to the top pegs, you can use it to support the bar movement on the descent as a way to spot your lift. If attached to bottom pegs, it can increase the variable tension on the bar. This adds another dimension to your workout.

The spotting arms are made of reinforced steel bars. You can execute rack pulls and shoulder presses comfortably off them too.

With 4 J-Cups for placing your barbells, you can use the barbell both within or outside the Premium Power Rack, depending on your workout if you require free-standing movement.

The dips attachment is convenient to attach, comfortable to use and easy to adjust the height. It is suitable for users below 100kg.


Width 121cm / Depth 125cm /  Height 212cm (this does not include band pegs)
Distance dips handles: 55cm
Diameter of pull up bar: 28mm

Nett Weight: 93kg
Gross Weight: 97kg

This is absolutely the most compact design possible while still being able to fit 2.0m or 2.2m long Olympic Bars. In space-constrained Singapore, we are mindful of the need to reduce unnecessary floor footprint while maximizing features.

Maximum Capacity:

Barbell Hooks: 350kg
Barbell Spotting Arms: 500kg

The barbell hooks and safeties are over-engineered on purpose. This is to give the user a piece of mind that it will never fail and is always reliable.

Item is shipped unassembled.

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With Cable Pulley Attachment, Without Cable Pulley Attachment

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