Olympic Technique Barbell (12kg)

  • Length: 1.8m
  • Distance between collars: 147cm
  • Length of Collar: 14cm


Olympic Lifting is a serious sport. It requires a level of strength, flexibility and skill that most people will never quite get.

We find that the issue lies with trying to learn the technique from a PVC pipe and then moving to a 20kg Olympic barbell. There is no safe transition of weight from something weightless like a PVC pipe to something as heavy as a barbell.

This madness leads to injury and can make weightlifting a scary and intimidating sport. But here’s a solution that can make learning weightlifting easy and safe for all. Enter the 12kg technique barbell.

The 12kg/1.8m barbell is ideal for the budding weightlifter.

This is a technique barbell – It is not designed for heavy weights. If the user is capable of using in excess of 100kg, please use a 20kg Olympic barbell. The maximum load of this barbell is 100kg. However, for this barbell, load is the furthest from your mind.

If you’re starting out with weightlifting or teaching others, then the 12kg (1.8m) barbell should be exactly what you’re looking for.

The length of the collar is purposely kept short so that weight plates cannot be overloaded on the bar, which will cause the bar to be damaged.

The distance between the 2 collars is longer compared to normal Olympic Bars so as to allow people to re-rack the bar easily onto the rack.

Comes with 2 spring collars and packaged in a stiff cardboard tube.

Item Weight 12kg
Product Dimensions N/A
Item Width N/A
Item Height N/A

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